Skiing Exercise for Strong Ski legs

by frank on September 15, 2009

Choosing the right skiing exercise is vital to enjoying a season full of great skiing.

Skiing is a very demanding sport which utilizes nearly every muscle in your body.  However, there are certain muscles which are heavily utilized as you make your way down the mountainside.

Doing ski exercises which focus on these muscles will significantly improve your form, degree of control, power and safe on the slopes.  The best skiers workout regularly to ensure top performance.  Following are the top six ski exercises.

Ski Jumps

Since skiing involves a significant degree of impact on the knees as well as frequent side to side motion, ski jumps is one of the best ski exercises you can do. To do these you start with your feet together, then bend your knees and jump to one side.  From there immediately jump to the other side.  Continue repeating this lateral back and forth movement, always being sure to keep your knees soft at impact.

One-legged Squats

These squats are one of the best exercises because they both strengthen your legs and increase your balance.  To do this exercise, stand straight on one leg, with the other leg bent at the knee.  Bend your knee as if you were about to sit down without reaching a fully seated position.  Pause briefly and return to standing.  After several repetitions, switch legs.  If balance is difficult, put your hand on a chair or wall.  In time, try to do these with no balance assistance.  To enhance your balance even further, do them with your eyes closed.

Leg Extensions

Leg extensions is a great ski exercise for developing powerful quadriceps muscles.  Strong thighs are essential for skiing.  Use a leg extension machine and slowly lift the padded bar up with your legs, then slow lower it.  Never swing your legs.  As with all ski exercises, you want to use a controlled movement.

Leg Curls

Another one of the most effective ski exercises is leg curls.  Leg curls focus on developing the hamstring muscle, also crucial for skiing.  As with the leg extension, use a leg curl machine and slowly lift and lower the padded bar.  Never swing your legs; keep the movement slow and controlled.


Lunges are excellent for ski exercises because you can do them at varying angles and directions, with a step or platform, or with weights.  By doing various types of lunges you work more muscles in your legs.  This will benefit you as you ski.   The basic lunge involves taking a big step forward with one leg and then bending until your thigh is almost parallel to the floor.  Never bend so far that your knee extends further than your foot.

Plyometric Exercises

When it comes to ski exercises, plyometric exercises are perfect.  Essentially these are exercises which require you to jump.  Use caution when you do these, as you can injure yourself if you are out of shape or have a history of knee problems.

Jumping rope and jump squats are two good plyometric ski exercises.  To create some variation, you can also extend a rope a few inches off the ground and jump back and forth over it.  As you get stronger you can increase the height of the rope.  This type of exercise will condition your legs for skiing by improving how your muscles respond to the demands of skiing.

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Skiing exercises are a great way to get in shape, and to almost guarantee that you will have fun skiing this ski season. But there are few sports like skiing that put such a physical demand on its participants, making it essential that skiers keep their bodies ready.

Your chances for injury while skiing increases drastically as your fitness level drops. Skiing exercises for knees and legs can help you stay in peak form, and lower your risk of injury while on the slopes. [click to continue…]

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